My name is Victoria Okolo and I welcome you to my website and business, Okolo.


Okolo is dedicated to offering genuine and authentic modern fashion accessories for men and women. We source from communities around the world that produce products by hand, using age old artisan techniques including handlooms, hand spun fabrics, and hand beaten metals for jewelry. We ensure our products are of the highest quality and craftsmanship.


At Okolo, we only sell 100% natural fabrics, which include genuine Pashmina wool, cashmere and real silk. Every purchase from Okolo supports and empowers the legacy and heritage of the Nepalese and Kashmiri artisans We work with, remote artisanal communities, which means our products are authentic and produced with special craft honesty that can be traced throughout generations.


Genuine pashmina scarves, pure silks, cashmere and cashmere silk mixes, hand carved and beaten metal jewelry, bone jewelry, sterling silver custom creations, traditional tribal and natural stone jewelry. The Okolo adventure has just begun, as we move forward we have designs that are inspired by my travels to different regions in India. These designs will begin appearing in our new Spring and Summer 2015 collection.


Most important to Robert and me personally is the Okolo commitment to social responsibility. We are committed to donate $1 for every item sold over a $10 value. The donations will be made to charities focused on women’s rights, anti slavery and children’s education.


Okolo came about in awe of my deep passion for fashion and travel. The process of turning my dream into reality started by sourcing consultants and investors take on a concept that blends fashion and culture. I stumbled upon a consulting group The Next Idea. The CEO, International Retail and Restaurant Consultant, Robert Ancill, was extremely well travelled having helped clients open or manage businesses in many different countries, including emerging countries with developing economies. From the beginning Robert fully understood my concept and was able to provide valuable insight that turned my concept into reality.